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Household Safety Tips

Accidents will happen - but there a number of things you can do around your home, condominium or vacation property to help lessen the chance of one occurring. Here are some hazard prevention measures we've thought of - surely you can think of more:

Fire Prevention:

* Have at least one smoke detector on every level of your home and test them regularly;
* Follow label warnings when working with, or storing, combustible materials (solvents, paint thinners, etc.);
* Store gasoline (for lawn and garden equipment) only in small quantities in approved safety containers and only in a garage or storage shed, not in the house;
* Don't leave burning candles unattended


* Cover electrical outlets;
* Be sure your electric garage door has a safety reverse feature and check to make sure it is working properly;
* Keep out of children's reach:

medication, both prescription and over-the-counter, detergents and cleaning materials, tools (hammers, saws, nails, power-tools, etc.);

* Prevent accidental drowning by not leaving children unattended near water, including bathtubs, wading pools and pails or buckets filled with water;
* Prevent burning or scalding by turning down the temperature on your water heater.

Trip Hazards:

* Keep staircases, hallways, and other frequently passed areas free of clutter and items that people can trip on;
* Light staircases well, so that each step can be seen;
* Make sure area rugs have non-slip backing materials and consider eliminating area rugs in high traffic areas.

Appliances and Heating Units

* Know where your fuse box is and which fuses or circuit breakers control each circuit;
* When using extension cords, ensure they are not damaged or cut and make sure they do not get hot;
* When using extension cords outside, only use those that are rated for outside use;
* When replacing light bulbs, be sure your hands are dry and be sure the fixture is turned off;
* Do not use bulbs that exceed the wattage recommended for the fixture;
* Do not hang paper towel racks, curtains or towels by a toaster oven, as they can ignite

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