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Asbestos / Vermiculite

Vermiculite and Asbestos Insulation can be extremely hazardous to your health if not in a contained environment. This type of insulation is usually found in older homes and in past years has been used as ceiling and wall insulation. Iit can also be found wrapped around old heating duct work and pipes.

Your Royal LePage Team Realty Sales Representative will advise on the course of action available to you if they detect evidence of these types of insulation. They will also advise on service providers that can inspect and safely remove the insulation.

Asbestos Advisory from Health Canada on Vermiculite Insulation (pdf)

Controlling the Hazard & Liability of Asbestos in Vermiculite Insulation (pdf)

How to Collect a Vermiculite Insulation Sample (pdf)

Pinchin Environmental- Major Changes to Asbestos Regulation (pdf)

Vermiculite Insulation and Asbestos (pdf)

CMHC Information on Asbestos (pdf)

Government warns insulation may contain asbestos (pdf)

Ontario Regulation 278-05 Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Building and Repair Operations (pdf)

Pinchin Environmental Newsletter- New Asbestos Regulation (pdf)


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